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Eric Gaede

AKA: Ataru, Cao Cao, Harpagon, Junkhouse, Maeno, Sakuramboo, Shakesmoliere, Taishi

Hometown: Mesa, Arizona, USA / Leticia, Amazonas, Colombia
Education: Mesa Community College '02, Fine Arts

Eric grew up watching Supercampeones (Captain Tsubasa) and Caballeros del Zodiaco (Saint Seiya) while growing up in Colombia. He never stopped watching anime, and remains an ever loyal fan of the medium.

Recently he has resurfaced as half of the indie band Buster Beckett (the other half being Jake Churosh). We wish him luck in that endeavor.

Eric is married with three daughters, and lives in the Phoenix area (having traveled as far as away as Frankfurt, Germany at one point), where he is a language teacher.

Status: [RETIRED]
(active 1999-2003)

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