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Robert Lu's Top 20 Anime of the 2000's

January 29, 2010

From the mid-90's to the present, I've seen many changes in anime. Technology has advanced to allow for better video and sound quality. Preferences have also changed for different genres as anime evolves rapidly just as fast in order to accommodate for them. Though hundreds of anime have been out since the beginning of the new millennium, there have been a few that have touched me, made me laugh and (sadly to say) made me sob manly tears. The list below are the anime I want to recognize as ones made from those who truly love this "niche" of a small yet grand sub-culture; not only because it's their job, but because it's something more special to them just as it is for us. So without further delay, here is my list of the top 20 favorite anime of the 00's.

#20 The Twelve Kingdoms

Yoko, an ordinary high school student, one day finds herself transported and immersed into a world of strange beings and heavenly like kingdoms. From there, she sets out to determine what her role is as she learns about the political unrest and the corruption and betrayal in a fragile and dividing land that she overlooks. One thing I enjoy about this series is the adventure and story aspect, incorporating various mythical and fantasy like elements with a feeling of authenticity. Though the series is supposed to be longer, the arcs have a solid conclusion and ending that is enough for me to enjoy on its own.

#19 Nodame Cantabile

Music, love and

- Robert Lu

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