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THEM Anime Q&A round 2 part 2

September 26, 2011

THEM Anime Q&A round 2 part 2

What attracted you to anime in the first place? - Zergplex

CR: Ever notice how you watch a Western cartoon, even a really good one like PHINEAS AND FERB, and the backgrounds always look "cartoony"? Even poorly animated anime have super detailed backgrounds that look like they actually *belong* somewhere. SAILOR MOON looked like it could actually be set somewhere in the real world. And that was different to me.

SH: Magazine ads. It shames me to admit, but that's actually what happened.

TJ: The colors, the wide variety of genres, the completely unique looking appeal of something from another country, and the visual eye-candy. (Studio Ghibli's art and backgrounds especially got me into the hobby.)


RN: It was just that my friends were watching it at the time. It was a good way to socially bond with them. Eventually, I started dabbling into various anime shows on my own and got into a groove of my own.

AF: Watching late night anim

- Stig Høgset

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