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Genre: Fantasy / adventure / action
Length: Television series, 8 episodes, 30 minutes each
Distributor: Currently unlicensed in North America
Content Rating: 13+ (fantasy and martial arts violence)
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Notes: Based on the manga by Togashi Yoshihiro.

Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island


After their brush with the Genei Ryodan, Gon and Killua return their attention to Gon


The original Hunter X Hunter animation caught me completely off-guard. I am normally fairly ambivalent about shonen fighting shows, but found myself quickly engrossed and almost addicted to the original show. After consuming the sixty-two television episodes and the first OAV, I turned my attention to the Greed Island OAV. I had some concern, I must admit, about how this OAV would turn out given the general plot outline concerning a virtual reality game.

It turned out my fears were unfounded as this title did not simply end up as Hunter X Hunter meets .hack//SIGN. Like almost every other plot, character, or setting in the Hunter X Hunter setting, the Greed Island game ends up having more than a few hidden secrets and is more than it appears. At the same time though, the setting, allows a bit more fantastical framework for the Hunter X Hunter protagonists to pursue their adventure without straying from the general impressive but not unreasonably ridiculous power framework of the Hunter X Hunter series.

The detail spent on realizing the Greed Island game makes it seem much more than a mere plot device. Where as it would have been far too easy for the show to simply present it as an excuse to have a few fantastic creatures show up and give unusual powers to the characters, many of the limitations of this virtual reality game end up affecting the nature of the adventure and make for more than a few interesting scenes. While I

An entertaining and engaging continuation of the Hunter X Hunter storyline that, while it doesnJeremy A Beard

Recommended Audience: This show isn

Version(s) Viewed: Prerelease fansub
Review Status: Full (8/8)
Hunter X Hunter: Greed Island © 2003 Togashi Yoshihiro / Shueisha / Nippon Animation