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PostPosted: 23 Mar 2013 00:24 
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Hello everyone. This is your friendly administrator, purplehaze9, here to teach you how to post and not post on THEM Anime Boards. I hope that all new members and existing members do read this post.

To start, we will begin by assessing the quality of a thread title made on THEM Anime Boards.

Below is an unedited thread title of an actual thread. I have separated into parts to more effectively analyze it. I will provide information on how to make a good thread and then use that to analyze it.

awkward material I guess

A thread title should...

1. Explain the content of the original post

The title of a thread should serve as a short summary of what is in the original post. It should be no longer than one sentence and must contain proper grammar. If a person has to spend extra time reading the thread, then you have failed.

Analysis: In the original thread title, we only learn that the material in the original post is awkward. As a matter of fact, the creator of the own post doesn't even know if the post is awkward. This member has to actually put 'i guess' in there.

2. Provide the purpose or intentions of the thread

If the intent of a thread is to find information, use Google before asking us a question and search the forum to see if your question has already been answered. The Search link is found at the upper right hand corner of the forum. Please take a look at the image to help you find where it is.


If you cannot find this link, please leave this forum now.

When you create a post, the title should let us know what you want to gain from this thread. Just be sure that the content you provide is enough to create interest and discussion (more on this later).

Analysis: This title does not come close to completing #2 on this list. It has not provided us with its intent and purpose. It is completely unacceptable.

3. Be eye-catching and appealing

Advertising 101. If a reader cannot get #1 and #2 on list within 3 seconds of reading your thread, then your thread title has been a failure. A generic title will not do the trick. There are countless threads with titles like "Favorite anime" on the internet. Your thread will not stand out without an appealing name. Having proper grammar will also ensure that your thread title is read quickly.

Analysis: As you can see, the grammar of the thread title is horrible. It is generic in every way, shape, or form.


Another thread title from an actual thread title on THEM Anime Boards:

What Airports Have You Traveled Through?

Let us analyze this thread using steps 1 through 3

1. Explain the content of the original post: YES

This thread title tells us that the original post will (at minimum) contain some list of airports that the original poster has been to.

2. Provide the purpose or intentions of the thread - YES

The title makes it clear that the poster is looking to find out where other people have gone. This is a question that cannot be answered by Google as it is unique to us. The poster likely searched the forums because there are to other threads like this one.

3. Be eye-catching and appealing - YES

The proper grammar makes it easier and the purpose is made clear enough that I can read and understand it in less than 3 seconds.


Stay tuned for Part 2: How To Make An Original Post


PostPosted: 23 Mar 2013 01:30 
Consider My Ass Retired
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How To Make An Original Post

The phrase 'Original Post' actually has two meanings:

1. The first post of a thread
2. A detailed, interesting post that is appealing to its audience and will generate discussion.

Most people get the first one right. It is the second one that many do not get right. I will provide some assistance with the latter.

Below is an actual original post on THEM Anime Boards:

I have two dogs a Maltese and a Yorkie my Maltese Molly well recently she started to hump ALOT my other dog and she sniffs her tries to interact with Bella if she rejects her she still tries to talk to her. Maybe to hump her I don't know she wasn't like this before Bella came is there a way to fix it? I really my old girl back

Some questions to ask yourself before creating your original post:

1. Will my original post appeal to my audience?

The one specific thing that we have in common with each other is that we share a passion for anime. Anime-related threads will draw the most discussion and attention. However, many anime fans have other hobbies such as video games and manga. Furthermore, people in general having other things in common with each other such as watching television and listening to music. Topics such as these will appeal to our audience.

ANALYSIS: The original post quoted above is about a very specific topic that most of us know little about. It is not appealing to this audience and will rarely lead to helpful results. An internet forum dedicated to pets rather than anime would be more helpful. Even Yahoo! Answers can help you out.

2. Do other people care about my problem?

The fact is that most people do not care about simplistic, mundane problems in strangers' lives. If your post is about a problem, make sure it is about something unique and truly difficult to deal with. If there is nothing unique or intriguing about your situation, then it will not draw significant attention or generate discussion. You may get some short replies out of sympathy, but otherwise that's it.

Furthermore if you do have a problem, make sure you provide enough detail for another person to give a useful answer. If a poster has to respond to your question with another question, then you have failed this part.

ANALYSIS: The original post above speaks of dogs humping things. Millions of people have dealt with this before in the past and millions more will in the future. A short search on Google will take less time to do and result in a better answer.

3. Do I provide enough detail to generate discussion?

The thread title was only supposed to serve as an eyecatch to draw attention. Now the original post has to deliver on what the title promised. This is done by providing extensive detail on the intent of the topic and what exactly you are looking for in this thread.

Instead of looking at the bad original post above, I will post a good original post below:

Thread Title: Games that are pieces of art.

Clear and concise. Good work.

Which games have you played that's known for its lovely visuals and/or aural work? (I'm partially going to use this as a recommendation thread.) To give you a general idea what I'm looking for, I'm going to do a short rundown on the games I have either own or played myself.

Okami - Well, gotta start with this one, don't I? Okami has a visual style I simply haven't seen anywhere else (though I imagine Okamiden will follow up on that.) It's an especially lovely game seeing as they managed to incorporate this style to an actual working 3D platform game.

Ico - Jury's out on whether the graphics themselves are what's making this game special, but the design certainly does, which is why this game has atmosphere by the truckload. The whole thing plays off so well that I cringe every time Ico takes Yorda's hand and literally yanks her into a running motion. I'm always afraid he'll accidentally pop her arm out of its socket, even though I know that it will never happen.

Shadow of the Collossus - Like Ico, it has atmosphere by the truckload, but there's no doubt that the Collossi you fight in this game has to be the most beautifully designed ingame character bosses ever.

Legend of Mana - This one is a stretch, but I'm including it here on strength of its oft beautifully drawn background art. This is the sort of thing I would like to see more of in games. ...

The beginning of the post is excellent. It provides the detailed intent of the thread and provides an open-ended question for other members to answer.

The poster adds to this by including games that he thinks are artistic and reasons why he thinks so. In fact, the original poster here does this with seven other games in the original post.

Well done!

4. Does my post catch the eye of the reader?

This is not 100% necessary. However, it adds immensely to any original post. Providing images relevant to the original post and links to appropriate videos will give the post an extra kick to it. Some nice eyecandy will make any post more pleasant to read. After all, we aren't reading a term paper here :)


Stay tuned for Part 3: How To Post A Reply


PostPosted: 23 Mar 2013 01:58 
Consider My Ass Retired
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How To Create A Good Reply

A reply does not require as much as detail or information as the original post. However, the reply still has some of its own goals to accomplish before posting. No need for current examples here. This is all pretty simple and straightforward.

1. Does my reply add anything new to the thread?

A good reply will add more material to a thread. If your reply just repeats what another person says, then it is not worth posting. A good reply pushes the topic onward and keeps the thread alive. Merely bumping the thread is against forum rules and could result in a warning.

2. Is my reply on-topic?

Good replies stay on-topic. Off-topic posts derail the topic and prevent the original poster from accomplishing his or her goal.

3. Does my reply have proper grammar and spelling?

None of us are code breakers here. If your post makes no sense, get a dictionary or an English teacher to help you out. We won't hammer you for not using proper verb tenses or anything like that. Just make your posts readable.

4. Does my reply break the rules?

This is simple. If you are not sure if it breaks the rules, then change it so it doesn't break the rules or don't post it at all.


Follow the advice in this thread and you'll be a respected poster in no time.



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