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AKA: ヴァイス・サヴァイヴ (Japanese)
Genre: Comedy, Ecchi
Length: Television series, 16 episodes, 3 minutes minutes each
Distributor: Currently unlicensed in North America
Content Rating: PG-13
Related Series: Weiss Survive R (Season 2)
Also Recommended: The fan made Yu-Gi-Oh!: The Abridged Series does a much better job parodying children's card games. You can find that on YouTube- it's an old THEM favorite.
Notes: Based on the manga by Takuya Fujima.

Weiss Survive


Takeshi is a loser and a lecher. One day, he is sucked into a magical world with his crush Michi because he is the Chosen One who will master the card game Weiss Survive in this broad parody of children's card games.


Old gags. Stale spoofs. Why watch?

Just bad.Bradley Meek

Recommended Audience: Lots of panty flashes and boobies. And it's as dumb as a stoned runway model. Only appropriate for masochists over the age of sixteen.

Version(s) Viewed: Prelicensed digital digital source
Review Status: Partial (13/16)
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