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AKA: バイブルブラック, Bible Black: Night of the Walpurgis
Genre: Supernatural / horror hentai
Length: OAV series, 6 episodes, 28 minutes each
Distributor: Licensed in North America by Media Blasters / Kitty Media
Content Rating: 18+ (extreme sexual situations)
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Notes: Based on the eroge by PC Soft. It was followed by numerous sequels.

Bible Black


Minase stumbles across a book of spells and rituals. Initially, he doesn't take it all that seriously. After a couple of trial spells results in students giving into their lust and having sex with other students, Minase realizes that the book is more than meets the eye.

It appears that Reika Kitami, the school nurse, knows more about its power than anybody else. She exchanged her soul with the devil for some of his powers. Before her time on Earth expires, she needs to sacrifice a virgin upon a sacred altar to get the power to fight the devil himself. Her quest leads to Minase's childhood friend, Imari, whose crush on Minase falls upon deaf ears. Now, each person must fight to determine the fate of Imari.


What better way to celebrate my Ali-like return to THEM by reviewing a hentai? Many times, people used to reviewing your typical anime shows become biased towards hentai series. Like most human beings, they find pretty much every activity in the film deplorable and abhorrent. After all, I watched and reviewed all of Cool Devices without needing to reach for a barf bag. By comparison, Bible Black shouldn't be too difficult. Before watching, I tried to go into reviewing Bible Black with no expectations or pre-conceived notions as to avoid being biased towards humanity.

I can at least give credit to the writers for trying (or providing the illusion of trying) to develop a serious plot and "deep" characters. Yet, they undermine their attempt by turning the characters into sex fiends. The number of sex scenes that do not incorporate any sex-related material throughout the entire OAV is most certainly in the single digits. It's as though the staff decided to use gasoline to put out a fire. There's plenty of rape, hermaphodites, bondage, torture, drugging, having sex with a dying guy (thankfully it wasn't a dead guy) and enough gangbangs to keep me away from erotica for the next month. Out of the countless sex fetishes, I can only think of a few that Bible Black does not touch on and quite frankly, I am very happy that they didn't.

I know that they attempt to pin Minase as a normal, confused teenager, but he's really a complete idiot. He's like that dumb kid in high school who was just smart enough to be ineligible for special education classes. When I see an evil book with demonic powers, I put the damn thing away. Then, he acts surprised when Imari responds negatively to Minase using the book to hypnotize his crush into having sex with him.

The only remotely interesting character is Reika Kitami. Having a character sprout a penis in her first scene is one hell of a way to get the viewer interested. I mean she is certainly an unoriginal evil archetype who has a dark and painful past, but at least there is something there. The other characters are reduced to pieces of cardboard. Actually, the animation might have taken a step up if they were changed into pieces of cardboard.

Although the sex scenes are very diverse, none of them are erotic. Bible has some sex scenes that are akin to watching two teenagers having a dildo sword fight at a sex shop. Calling the remaining scenes disturbing could very well be the understatement of the century. The ridiculous play-by-play analysis of what's going on is so bad that the scenes become more erotic with the subtitles turned off. The worst part is that throughout all of the sex scenes, Bible Black tries so hard to be a serious anime. It's like the short, fat kid who tries out for the high school basketball team every year.

Watching Bible Black is like continually smacking yourself in the face with a hammer, except that the hammer is a black rubber cock. I sacrificed my time, decency, and risked causing brain damage to make sure that you don't have to. I am expecting some thank you notes and maybe some money to cover my medical bills.[Redacted]


I imagine some people out there consider this type of material good. I wouldn't want to meet them though.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD from Kitty Media, Japanese with English subtitles
Review Status: Full (6/6)
Bible Black © 2001 Museum Pictures / Milky
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