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[R1 DVD art]
AKA: パンティ&ストッキングwithガーターベルト (Japanese)
Genre: Acton comedy / parody
Length: Television series, 13 episodes, 24 minutes each
Distributor: R1 DVD and Blu-Ray from FUNimation
Content Rating: R (sex, innuendo, fan service, strong language, flatulence humor)
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Also Recommended: If this series tickles your twisted fancy, you could try Dead Leaves, and equally outrageous and crass work by the same creator.
Notes: The mascot character named Chuck bears a striking resemblance to Gir from Invader Zim. The creator of said series, Jhonen Vasquez has also commented on the resemblance as well.

It also appears that there might be a second season according to a secret track on the last soundtrack that was released.

Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt


In Daten City, a town situated between heaven and hell, there exists two fallen angels named Panty and Stocking. Panty is a nymphomaniac and Stocking is a glutton for all things sweet. Needless to say, their bad behavior has them kicked out of heaven and in order for them to get back into the pearly gates, they must vanquish evil spirits called Ghosts who prey on the citizens of Daten City. With the help of a bombastic priest named Garterbelt, the two wicked angels must collect magical coins so that they may return to heaven.


Okay, I will admit that I have not watched the entire series. Actually, I only viewed a total of seven episodes, but considering the style and tone of this series, total viewing is neither a necessity or a possibility. This is one of the most aggravating, unpleasant, gratuitously crude anime that I have seen.

However, it does have its bright spots, but not without plenty of eye rolling in between. At first glance, this series may look like a knockoff of The Powerpuff Girls; with its blocky character designs, flashy action, and childish humor. Scratch that, its more like South Park with its use of toilet humor, swearing, and adult themes. Actually, it is neither. Unlike The Powerpuff Girls, Panty&Stocking with Garterbelt has the same edgy aesthetic but none of the clever ideas or humorous writing, and, dissimilar to South Park, is plenty of adult themes but none of the gross humor touches upon anything substantial such as social commentary and satire.

This anime wishes to be a parody of these edgy works of Western animation, but instead falls flat by dragging itself down to the lowest common denominator. If toilet humor, constant dropping of f-bombs in the English dub, and plenty of sex, sex, and more sex (did I mention there is a lot of sex stuff) is your idea of a laughter inducing good time, then by all means, consume!

I stated earlier that this series does have some bright spots, so with some of the scorn I have heaped upon this series, what are they? First and foremost, the animation looks good. All battles and action within this show are fast, furious, and over-the-top. No surprise here considering that this anime is put together by none other than Gainax, and if you have ever seen such anime as FLCL and Gurren Lagann, than you will understand exactly the point I am trying to make. Furthermore, the transformation sequences are a dirty spectacle to behold. This is where the animation makes the jump to eleven on the scale as the viewer is given a high-quality animation treat of seeing our two anti-heroes preform a "pole-dance" so that Panty and Stocking can remove their "unmentionables" and use them as weapons.
Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that that was their abilities; Panty's panties turn into a gun and Stocking's stockings turn into a razor sharp katana. Is there anything in anime that cannot be used as a weapon?

So I have discussed their fetish-like abilities, but I have not discussed much concerning the characters themselves. So who are the dramatis personae of this parody hodge-podge of a mess anime? Well there is Panty, the foul-mouth blonde slut (yeah, since when has that trope not been used to death?) who will copulate with anything that has a pulse. And her sister Stocking, an equally foul-mouthed "gothic-lolita" chick who is obsessed with anything that has sugar. Same obsessive behavior, different compulsion. On the other side of the cast of characters there is Garterbelt, a, you guessed it, a gutter mouth black priest with a giant afro who appears to have some morality, but is still a cretin no less. Some of the minor characters deviate from these three personality-wise, but just a little bit; such as Brief, a cowardly teenage boy who joins the crew as nothing but the trademark virgin, and a green dog-looking thingy named Chuck who is subject to constant abuse and acts as a slapstick prop. If the reader has not noticed already, almost every character in this series is named after some kind of undergarment or article of lingerie. I do not mind dirty jokes and low-brow humor, but the makers were not even trying when it comes to character creation. These could have really been some funny characters if the bad-taste comedy was done correctly, and if there was some intellect or satire involved. (anyone who wants to learn how to properly execute crude comedy, watch a John Waters flick.)

Back to the other "bright spot" in this anime. The second positive quality in this mess of a exhibition is the music. A lot of Panty&Stocking's sounds are catchy techno themes that are sure to bring about a hum or two, and the soundtrack is worth a purchase even though this series may or may not be to the viewers liking. A few pieces that are worth listening to are "Anarchy," "Fallen Angel" and "Fly Away." If you are going to take anything away from all of this-make it the soundtrack.

What else is there to say about this production? Nothing except that it really was not my cup of tea. I do not mind adult humor, heck one of my favorite anime is Golden Boy; but when a whole series is dependent on smut with very little to show in the other plot departments, it makes me reluctant to give it a high rating. In hindsight however, there may be enough visual surprises and infectious music to make this enjoyable viewing for certain audiences.

A visually and musically strong series which plummets in just about every other factor. A series for those who prefer their humor to be a constant exercise in excrement and promiscuity as well as for the Gainax faithful. Stay far far away if toilet humor and sex are not your forte. Add two stars if both of those aspects are your thing. By Dallas Marshall Dallas Marshall

Recommended Audience: NOT FOR KIDS! Panty's penchant for sex, as well as in-numerous instances of spouting the most foul words in the English language IN English, make this show unsuitable for kids and young teenagers. Parents, do not be fooled by the art style!

Version(s) Viewed: stream, English dub
Review Status: Partial (7/13)
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