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AKA: きグルみっく☆V3
Genre: Magical girl parody
Length: Web release, 3 episodes, 9 minutes each
Distributor: Currently available streaming on crunchyroll.
Content Rating: 18+ (frequent nudity and fan service, including nudity and fan service involving children, adult situations, mild violence)
Related Series: N/A
Also Recommended: Dragon Half, Excel Saga, Puni Puni Poemy
Notes: Originally streamed on Nico-Nico, this mini-series was later released as a "Best Episode Collection" DVD, as if this were part of a longer series, though no other episodes were ever actually created.

Kigurumikku V3


(from MyAnimeList) The high spirited girls Azuki Edomae, Mutsumi Mutsuki and Serika Shihodo, put on their "KIGURUMI"costumes instantly transforming them into the super heroes Kigurumikku-Swan, Kigurumikku-Falcon and Kigurumikku-Swallow. Follow these super-girls as they defend Minamachi City and bring peace to the town.

(actual synopsis) Some elementary schoolgirls get in embarrassing, compromising situations, and then blow stuff up for virtually no reason whatsoever.


Pretty much the only reason to approve of this is if you happen to be a certain naughty bear.

In all seriousness, Kigurumikku V3 exists almost exclusively to self-consciously parade underage girls (and occasionally the busty older sister of one of them) in either skimpy outfits or various states of undress, right down to nothing at all. If this isn't reason enough to run as far away from this show as possible, there's plenty more where that came from so hold onto your butts!

One of the most irritating things about Kigurumikku V3 is that it's plotted as if we're watching disjointed clips from a longer series that, mercifully, doesn't actually exist -- especially since with the content advisory, it'd rightfully incur the wrath of every parent-teacher association on the planet. (Yes, probably even Yemen.) The crazy thing is that this was clearly an intentional choice on the part of the creators, intended to be clever parody, but it just comes off as lazy, slapdash writing, with a nonstop barrage of sight gags that rely on being either super awkward or super racy (which, with the young age of the protagonists, comes off as horrendously exploitationist). Since we don't really get the benefit of a coherent plot (even compared to Excel Saga or Puni Puni Poemy), there's nothing in the writing to distract from the repellent nature of the content.

Moreover, the characters are mostly incredibly selfish, bratty, and obnoxious (the word "high-spirited" in the synopsis being one of the most hilarious euphemisms I've seen for terrible characters in a long time), with the worst being the lead Azuki, played by normally adorable Haruka Tomatsu (whom you should watch instead as Princess Gruier Serenity in Bodacious Space Pirates), who at one point tries to force-strip one of her friends because of no-cup angst - to which said friend calls her "pedolicious" in the official subtitles, which pretty much sums up this entire viewing experience. The other magical girl leads, Serika (Kimiko Koyama - Mao from Mao-chan) and Mutsumi (Yuka Iguchi - Index from A Certain Magical Index) are also pretty much there to bicker, pout, play video games, and show off their underdeveloped bodies in turn. The only other character of note, Mutsumi's busty and ditzy older sister Nanami (background artist turned voice actress Kumiko Inoue - Lisa from Rio - Rainbow Gate) is also given some very, very sexually suggestive scenes, mostly (and very disturbingly) involving the sentient stuffed animals that the younger girls use to transform. And pubic hair jokes. 'Cause it's a jungle out there. Nanami also ends up humiliatingly butt-naked in public in a scene that is clearly supposed to either make us laugh or reach for our pants; the amount of class shown by the creators of this series is reflected in the metaphorical image choice - a reenactment of the Challenger disaster, something that in the eyes of any audience will always be "too soon" for comedy.

Looking at the credits, it's easy to see where we should put the blame: would-be pornographer Hisashi Saito is credited as director, storyboarder, conceptual creator, character designer, AND animation director. It's really hard to believe this is the same guy who directed Bamboo Blade and Haganai; perhaps it'd be best if he just stuck to directing and animating other peoples' works if this is what he's really got in mind.

It's really amazing that a nominally non-hentai series with less than half an hour of footage can manage to be so relentlessly offensive. Kigurumikku V3 doesn't just belong in the burnable trash - it should be incinerated with a plasma cannon.

An unbelievably embarrassing series that takes the worst moe - l0li cliches and turns them up to eleven in the worst possible way. DO NOT WANT.Carlos/Giancarla Ross

Recommended Audience: The raison d'etre of this series involves pervasive fan service and occasional nudity, often of VERY young girls, including bare butts and chests -- which means this is really not appropriate for anyone (certainly not under the age of 18), and may actually be illegal in some jurisdictions.

Version(s) Viewed: Digital source from Crunchyroll, Japanese with English subtitles.
Review Status: Full (3/3)
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