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[Just think: someone actually got paid to write this tag line.]
AKA: ドラゴンピンク
Genre: Fantasy / comedy / hentai
Length: OAV series, 3 episodes, 35 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by Media Blasters
Content Rating: NC-17 (explicit sex, rape, strong violence)
Related Series: N/A
Also Recommended: Dragon Half, Elven Bride, Words Worth
Notes: Based on a manga by Itoyoko, which was also made into a PC game.

Dragon Pink


(box copy)
Three VERY adult fantasies... with lots of trolls and elf-abuse!

Meet Pink, a beautiful slave girl who makes the mistake of putting on the infamous Cursed Panties of Torajima and is transformed into a real sex kitten. Add a sultry elven sorceress who gets her powers from a very unexpected energy source and a mighty warrior who's big in every way imaginable, and you have all the ingredients necessary for a trilogy of the world's most dangerous villains of the Tajif forest!

Will Pink have to learn if she's really got nine lives the hard way?


Has this ever been a video game? Or is it meant to parody a video game?

The reason I ask is that the intro has a very video game-like screen with "start/continue the adventure" on the menu, complete with (old) video game music playing. And in the last two episodes it even comes with the "party setup screen" where Pink is set in the role as a cat-slave, much to her loudly proclaimed protests.

Anyway, what we have here is another fantasy hentai title I would have taken a liking to, except for a few things (which I will go into detail about in a little while.)

The art and animation is mainly good. I hate to be repeating myself, but I've yet to see a hentai title where the animation would bl.. er, I mean, impress me. It's neither colorful nor colorless either.

The VA's are also your standard fare. So is the music, with the exception of the Nintendo-like music at the beginning and end. (And what would Nintendo say about that, I wonder? ^_^ )

This title doesn't have so much a plot as a minor story to fill out the episode. You could easily see any single episode of this series without missing out on anything. I would have called it lighthearted fun, except that it's not.

Yes, I said not, because a few of the scenes in the last two episodes of this anime quite frankly gross me out a lot. One woman in the second episode is possessed (by a female demon literally crawling up her nether regions) and then exploded from within. And the third episode has a large demon brutally rape a woman (who looks suspiciously like Mink from Dragon Half) and with tentacles at that.

And it's a shame too, because if they would have either removed or drastically reduced the worst scenes, this would have been a very enjoyable title, mainly because the characters make it so much fun. Well, except Santa (the main character) who is probably the biggest, most exploitative jerk I've ever seen in any anime bar none. Pink is a lot of fun, though, save for her superhuman patience and curiously illogical loyalty towards Santa, who do nothing but exploit her in the worst ways imaginable. Hell, even the two supporting characters, Bobo the barbarian and Pierce the elf, does nothing but say what big a jerk he is. (Which should have won them the "understatement of a lifetime" award.)

I'm not sure I can recommend this, even to a fantasy fan OR a hentai fan. However, seeing as all of the worst stuff is in episode two and three, the first episode might be a good find if you can find it in a bargain bin somewhere. But that's all the recommendations this title will get from me.

And it has no dragons in it either. Bah!

Had the two last episodes been like the first, it would have gotten four stars. But alas....Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Episode one has sex and violence. Episode two and three have brutal (tentacle) rape and extreme violence added upon that.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD, Japanese with English subtitles
Review Status: Full (3/3)
Dragon Pink © 1994 Itoyoko / Pink Pineapple
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