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[Please Teacher OVA box art]
AKA: Onegai Teacher OAV
Genre: Romantic comedy / high school / science fiction
Length: OAV, 21 minutes
Distributor: Currently licensed by Right Stuf International.
Content Rating: 16 (adult themes, adult situations, on-screen sex)
Related Series: Please Teacher!
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Notes: This single-shot OAV sequel is included as a bonus Episode 13 in the Please Teacher! DVD release.

Also, there are some spoilers for the TV series included in this review.

Please Teacher! OAV


Kusanagi Kei and Kazami (Kusanagi) Mizuho are back, and so is everyone else from the series, and sex is on their brains. Mizuho's sister, Maho, and her mother have decided to visit again, this time in the effort to get the newlyweds to finally "do it". Unfortunately, this leads to comedic results for everyone.


As a diehard Please Teacher! fan, I couldn't wait for the OAV to come out. Perhaps I should have. Although it wasn't nearly as bad as I had been led to believe by Christi and Carlos, it was nowhere near as good as the series.

When the OAV begins the Kusanagis have been remarried for several months now (I assume remarried as the end left some plot holes to be patched) and Hatsuho, Mizuho's mother, has decided that they need to consummate their marriage. It doesn't make sense, as they have already done this. Of course, it took them nearly four episodes before they could hold hands without an interruption and another four before they could kiss.

Their relationship has grown stronger since we last saw them and this is more than believable. Despite the circumstances that pushed them to get married, they are still getting to know each other.

When Mizuho's mother and sister returned, so did some of the same jokes as in the series. While they are funny once, they are not really funny twice. I personally was expecting something revolutionary from the OAV and not the same tired gags. Although Kei's relationship with Maho-chan (Mizuho's sister) is cute and continually evolving as her opinions of Kei are constantly being shattered and reformed. However, for a girl her age (she appears to be about 13 or perhaps a bit younger), she should not be nearly so aggressive about sex. I do like how her opinions do change though, as she gets to know her brother-in-law better. Once she matures she could be really most preteens are.

The supporting cast has sex on the brain as well, as most teens do. Herikawa and Yamada-sensei have been dating, and Hyousuke and Kaede are still dating as well. Only Matagu and Ichigo are not in a relationship of some sort and their lack of relationships is only used to emphasize the others. Some of their comments make the show interesting and memorable. "We're just two lonely virgins," Matagu says to Kei mournfully.

The sets are also a bit contrived. There is a place here in Arizona called "Castle Boutique" which is an adult store shaped like a castle. I think the artists embellished it and for some reason put it at the end of the rice paddies. It was completely unbelievable and downright skanky. I have seen classier motels that rent by the hour, although I refuse to actually go inside one.

The one potentially squicky thing that I was warned about, I thought to be cute and tastefully done. Perhaps it is my innocence *snicker* that prevents me from filling in the gaps, but once again, Marie and Miruru remain the cute comic relief. I was more disturbed by Herikawa's thought bubbles than anything involving the computers. Although, their owners continually abuse those poor computers. It is so sad when people abuse their computers.

The animation was consistent with the series, although a few places were more "animey" than others. The stereotypical anime arm waving or blushing is rampant and much more noticeable in the OAV than in the series, reminding me a bit of Ranma or other shows similar. I think this detracted from some of the best scenes, where a "normal" reaction would have made it so much funnier.

The plot, or lack thereof, did not have any significant character development and was more along the lines of soft-core porn than a cute bit of fluff. I could have read this as a fanfic and enjoyed it much more.

And to quote my friend Boris DD, "Yes! They finally got some!"

The plot just doesn't develop the characters enough. But at least they get some. — Lauren Smoller

Recommended Audience: Don't watch this if you are not of age in your country (that's 18 for America) or if you must watch somewhere where young children can see it. It is basically soft-core hentai.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Full (1/1)
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