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[Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful]
AKA: Mahoromatic 2 Motto Utsukushii Mono
Genre: Drama / comedy with some elements of sci-fi and maids
Length: Television series, 14 episodes, 23 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by Sentai Filmworks
Content Rating: 16+ (adult situations, fan service, violence)
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Notes: Based on the manga by Nakayama Bunjurou and Ditama Bow.

This review will contain some spoilers to the first season of Mahoromatic, seeing as it is a direct sequel.

Mahoromatic: Something More Beautiful


Life goes on for both Mahoro and Suguru after the fight with Ryuga. But as the tension between the Saints and Vesper seems to be settled in a peaceful manner, like it was intended in the first place, another organization enters the scene.

Also, Suguru's household gets a new member in the quiet, clumsy and completely unfamiliar Minawa. Since, as Mahoro found out, she also is a combat android, things are liable to get a lot more interesting in the neighborhood.


And what we have is basically Mahoromatic with more odd characters, more dirty fantasies from the ever-insane Shikijou-sensei and ever more dramatic storylines with comedy -- sometimes ecchi, sometimes not -- sprinkled all over the place.

The art and animation quality is just about the same as on the first season, so I don't think I really need to say anything more about that. The music in the show is also the same, down to the style of the opening theme and ending theme, except that I liked the season 1 OP tune a lot better, and I really don't like the ending theme to this series at all.

The VA's are good, as I pretty much expected. No big surprises there. The new character, Minawa, isn't the most interesting of characters. She's just too quiet and soft-spoken and has that typical clumsiness that goes with personalities like that, although I will admit that the sheer amount of mayhem her clumsiness results in are rather amusing at times.

I'm happier to see that Ryuga is still around, though, having decided to keep his job as a teacher at the school Suguru attend. As the leading representative of the alien organization Saints, his interactions with Mahoro and her panther sidekick Slash amuse me to no end. The scene on the school roof in episode 2, where both of them fail to keep their cool and burst into laughter at the sight of the bandaged Mahoro is just priceless.

To put it shortly, what you can expect here is pretty much the same stuff going on as what went on in season 1, with this new, mysterious human organization taking over where the Saints left off to keep the suspense at the same level. The comedy is pretty much about the same things, but with Minawa's clumsy actions thrown in. The ecchi levels are about the same, lots of boob-shots and nudity of the not-quite-full-frontal variety.

However, the ending really threw me for a loop when it arrived. I won't spoil it for you, but I suggest you brace yourself, because it was really jarring and I certainly didn't see it coming. I'm not saying it is bad, but there might be people who won't appreciate it.

But that's Gainax for you.

The ending wasn't enough for me to remove one star. Nor was Minawa.Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Standard action violence. Not really excessive and certainly nothing to worry about too much.

Excessive amounts of fanservice, though. More partial nudity than you can shake a stick at, and a lot of jabbering/fighting about cup sizes. Shikijou-sensei certainly likes to throw her chest around. And while this is no Agent Aika, this title has its fair share of panty shots as well.

No sexual situations, though.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Full (14/14)
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