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[Too bad the cover is much, much cooler than the actual show.]
AKA: となりのお姉さん (Tonari no Onee-san)
Genre: Hentai / romantic comedy
Length: OAV series, 2 episodes, 30 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed to Ero Anime Store.
Content Rating: NC-17 / AO (graphic sex, attempted rape, mild violence, language)
Related Series: Vanilla Series
Also Recommended: N/A
Notes: Part of the "Vanilla Series", a series of unrelated hentai tales (most of which are based off hentai video games) whose releases have been split between Media Blasters and Right Stuf. This particular series is based off the 1998 hentai game "Tonari no Oneesan".

Vanilla Series: Girl Next Door


Masahiko is a man with a poor memory. He is longing for a girl that left him when he was younger. He can only recall a scene in which a girl with a straw hat held his hand on the beach. Masahiko swears to himself to keep his virginity until he finds that woman.

Well, it's going to be rather difficult. A lot of women want this guy including his friend, a teacher, and a random student in his school. Will Masahiko keep his virginity for the girl he loves?


Of course he won't. It's a frickin' hentai.

Unlike some hentai titles that come to mind, Girl Next Door actually had a good idea running. Masahiko trying to remember who is lost love was and trying to maintain his virginity for that special person. While a bit cliched, it could have become a very enjoyable title.

Well after ten minutes, that story is gone because he loses his virginity right then and there, thus taking out any opportunities for a story to form. After that point, he is free for the taking. Everyone seems to want a piece of him. A random student (There's no way that these girls are over 19 unless they were complete morons left back in high school) performs oral sex on Masahiko in the middle of a theater and a teacher meets him after class to "talk about his recent test grades", but is obviously after something else, more specifically a sample of his active molecules (so wrong, so very, very wrong). Even after numerous sex scenes, Masahiko still wants to keep the virginity that he lost ten minutes into the OAV (Seems that the director doesn't know what virginity means. Get a dictionary!).

Animation, artwork? What are you talking about? They're nonexistent. Even the sex scenes contain repetitive animation (and a total lack of creativity to boot). Still drawings and crude artwork are the norm (last time I checked, people had shadows, right?). Even the character designs are weak. Plain colored characters with big knockers or big genitalia are typical of his sex-fest.

Music? Nowhere to be found. As for sound effects, moaning and groaning are common along with the occasional dirty talk that really freaked me out, but pleased the perverted fanboys sitting around me in a standing room only video theater.

Even the ending went sour. Something serious was developing with Kyoko's friend, Asuka, who had a huge crush on him. There was some mild chemistry that could have been built, but instead Akira chooses Kyoko, (the character in the dream was identical in physical characteristics to her. Can you say 'predictable'?), who has absolutely no personality and made barely any communication with Masahiko throughout the OAV. On top of that, Masahiko knew nothing about his missing love except for that one frame of her in a straw hat. Now that's a shallow relationship if I've ever seen one.

If not for a couple of humorous scenes, this would have been turkey bin material. You know, the stuff that's sold for $5 at the dealer's room next that other garbage that you've never heard of before.

A true shame. This series had plenty of potential behind it, but it was executed (very) poorly. Even if you're in for sex, you can easily find more graphic stuff on other hentai titles.[Redacted]

Recommended Audience: It's hentai. Take a guess. Attempted rape, graphic sex, mild violence in the form of fistfights, and some dirty talk cover the majority of this anime. Adults only.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD, Japanese with English subtitles
Review Status: Full (2/2)
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