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AKA: Shin Kyuuketsuki Miyuu, Shin Kyuuketsuhime Miyuu
Genre: Supernatural, Horror
Length: Television series, 26 episodes, 23 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by Maiden Japan through Section 23 Films.
Content Rating: 13+ (violence, adult themes)
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Notes: Based on the manga by Kakinouchi Narumi and Hirano Toshiki.

Though this predates Jeremy's review, his is the first complete review we have, and it thus supersedes this one as the 1st Opinion.

Vampire Princess Miyu TV


After the events in the OAV series, Miyu transfers to a junior high school where supernatural occurrences pop up not long after. It seems there are far more Shinma to send off to the beyond, and Miyu and Larva are there to combat them.


Our favorite Vampire Princess at long last has her own television series. Is it time to rejoice? Hold that thought, because the jury's still out on this one.

Initially, it does seem to maintain the spirit of the original, and though the TV episode format may drag it into a Monster-of-the-Day routine (say, like a far darker take on Sailor Moon), Miyu TV has promise. Let's see if the character interactions in this one start playing an even bigger role than in the OAVs - so far, the initial episodes have been pleasantly creepy, with supernatural takes on the very basest of human emotions.

Animation-wise, it's a step down from the OAV series, which is a bit of a shame considering how much newer this is. The music is fine, though, and while the seiyuu cast has changed some, they seem to do competently.

The only major complaint I have, though it is fairly major, is the whole "Monster-of-the-Day" thing I mentioned above. The writing just doesn't seem as tight as in the original, and what we have so far is essentially a run-of-the-mill Goth show.

I'd like to see how this one works in the long run ... this is something I've been waiting for since watching the extremely good OAV series. Miyu deserves more exposure here - this is one vampire Buffy simply can't touch.

This rating could end up higher if it doesn't fall into the Youma Formula.Carlos/Giancarla Ross

Recommended Audience: Teens and above. This is no Goosebumps story, folks. This can be really creepy, and it's definitely not for the under-twelves.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Partial (2/26)
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