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[Please Save My Earth box art]
AKA: Boku no Chikyuu o Mamotte
Genre: Science-fiction / drama / romance
Length: OAV series, 6 episodes, 30 minutes each
Distributor: VHS and R1 DVD from Viz out of print.
Content Rating: 13+ (psychic violence, brief war violence, emotional intensity, some adult themes)
Related Series: N/A
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Notes: Adapted from the manga by Hiwatari Saki, originally serialized in Hana to Yume.

Please Save My Earth


High school student Alice Sakaguchi has been having strange reoccurring dreams of life as another being, an alien scientist. After an unfortunate accident involving a young neighbor, it begins to seem as if the dreams are not dreams but memories. Already guilt ridden for the perceived sins of the present, it seems Alice may be consumed by tragedies that occurred before she was even born.


For only being six episodes in length, Please Save My Earth, manages to present a compelling and tragic story concerning both the uplifting and dangerous obsessive aspects of love and the power of destiny. Part of what makes the narrative so effective is the time given to character development for the main parties involved. Even the primary antagonist, who on first brush seems simply a cruel manipulator seeking vengeance, has a much more complex and conflicting set of motivations. Some parties that seem innocent are not perhaps as innocent as they might claim. Without three-dimensional fleshed out characters, a romance or drama will fall flat, and Please Save My Earth does an excellent job of bringing to life its cast.

With all these characters to work with, they also get to explore the implications of reincarnation from a number of different angles. We have certain characters frustrated with the time differentials involved in their reincarnation and others dealing with complications such as being reborn as a different gender, yet still having the same romantic attachments in the past. It was interesting to see some of the characters attempt to escape from their past lives while others seem to be doing everything to embrace them.

The general art and character designs in this title are fairly good, not totally unexpected as it did have an OAV budget to work with. Though this isn't an action intensive title, toward the end there are a few telekinetic duels that would still be considered good even in a more directly action oriented title. I should note that the pacing of this show is still rather deliberate and with its emphasis on drama and character interaction, some might find it a bit slow at times.

While the soundtrack may not be as catchy or as powerful as some other series, both Mizoguchi Hajime and Kanno Yoko were involved in its composition and their mutual quality and workmanship does shine through. Most of the in-show music is integrated well into the emotional development of scenes and the end theme is positively haunting.

Unfortunately, this title was adapted from a rather lengthy manga, and the anime covers only the first nine volumes or so. While I personally felt that the ending was sufficient in that it explored the emotional catharsis of the main characters, others might be slightly agitated that they do not get to see more of what is occurring and the direct fates of the characters. I would encourage people not to be discouraged by that, as Please Save My Earth is still well worth the proverbial ride.

Please Save My Earth presents a haunting and tragic drama of unusual depth. Though the show does have some action toward the end, those who are looking for something a action oriented or who have a dislike of romantic melodrama should subtract a star and look elsewhere. For those of you who like your romance a bit more Brontesque than many shoujo titles, go ahead and add a star.Jeremy A Beard

Recommended Audience: For the most of the show, the only really objectionable element is the revenge obsession and cruel manipulations of one of the main characters. As we get to the end though we have psychic violence, some minor blood, and implications of genocidal war. Though for the most part these elements are more inferred than shown, so this show should be safe for teens and above.

There is one additional aspect to take into consideration. The many variation possibilities involved with this show's reincarnation theme in relation to gender does basically lead to some homosexuality themes being explored. This is not a yaoi title and the situation is intelligently and tastefully handled, but those who are highly offended by such possibilities should take it into consideration.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD
Review Status: Full (6/6)
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