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[I cant imagine how any parent could possibly rent this thinking it would be okay for their kids.]
Genre: Horror with hentai elements
Length: OAV series, 108 minutes
Distributor: Currently licensed by Media Blasters.
Content Rating: NC-17 (sex, rape, violence, profanity)
Related Series: Urotsukidoji: Legend of the Overfiend (and sequels)
Also Recommended: I don't know if I'd recommend watching stuff like this as a regular event. Nevertheless, the sequel really isn't any worse than this one, if you discount the nazi death rape machine. And no, I'm not kidding. >_<
Notes: This movie (and its sequel) was made by taking the Urotsukidoji OAV and editing that into their respective selves. The editing process shuffled around some of the events in the OAV's timeline, which explains why the second movie could show events that would be impossible due to the things that happened in the first.

Urotsukidoji 1: Legend of the Overfiend (Edited)


The legend says that the Chojin, the overfiend, shall return to unify the three worlds into paradise. Amanojaku, a resident of the beast world, sets out to find out exactly who the Chojin is and whether this actually will happen.

Who IS the Chojin? Can he really unify the worlds or is he here to destroy them?


Now THIS is a title that's caused some manner of controversy. Made by the renowned Maeda Toshio, who I'm sure most of you know is the guy responsible for the La Blue Girl series and its similar ilk, Urotsukidoji spins a tale of destruction and debauchery. As such, there are few people who would be willing to even throw a look in its direction.

As movies go, the art of this one isn't the best. It would have been acceptable as an OAV (which originally was before editing) since the art and animation is decent, if not great. It's an old title, and it shows.

The VA's are doing a decent job, I suppose. It can't be the easiest task in the world playing in a movie where you basically threaten people, curse, are being assaulted physically or sexually or die horrible deaths, so I'm willing to cut the VA's some slack on that. The music, though, is your general, forgettable fare.

Normally I wouldn't balk a second at ripping stuff like this to shreds. Certainly the plot is an invitation to disaster when you read about it, and yet, as much as I was waiting for the bomb to drop, all I got was a cherry bomb popping somewhat tamely off in the distance. Yes, there is violence. Yes, there is rape. And yes, there is a general cast of not many likable characters. But I also get the general feeling that this movie almost apologizes for its existence and its contents, and after seeing stuff like Violence Jack and Battle Can-Can and reading about titles like MD Geist and Genocyber, I can cut it yet another small piece of slack.

In fact, the only really objectionable thing about this movie that I can think of is that most of earth's inhabitants are reduced to a slew of beasts living only for their most base desires. And while there are a few gory deaths and rapes in it, neither of these along with everything else in this title can hardly be referred to as glorified, much less being played out for laughs. It's a pretty misanthopic feature and won't leave you with much of a good feeling after it's done.

Like I said, there are remarkably little rape and violence in this title's edited version. The first ten minutes might make you think otherwise, but it's mostly about our main lead, Nagumo, figuring out that he might be a little bit more than he wanted and him turning into the most perverted Godzilla-sized monster shooting lasers out of his multiple tentacle-penised crotch, exploding large sections of the city he lives in. Of course, let me again remind you that this review is based on the EDITED version, which have had anything between 15 to 45 minutes cut out of it, so the original product might be even worse. And by a longshot at that.

Nevertheless, as it stands, the edited feature ends up being a questionable title, though not completely without merit. Would I recommend buying or renting this? Not really. Should some oddball TV station put this on its schedule, though, you might want to catch it if you're into this kind of horror.

A little less rape and violence, and it'd be a three star.Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Adults only. Sex, rape, violence and foul language makes it unsuitable for anyone younger. Although said language MIGHT be something that was slapped onto the UK version only. Someone care to confirm?

Version(s) Viewed: UK release from Manga Entertainment, English dub
Review Status: Full (1/1)
Urotsukidoji 1: Legend of the Overfiend (Edited) © 1987 Maeda Toshio / West Cape Corporation
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