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[Agent Aika box art]
AKA: アイカ (Aika), AIKa
Genre: Action show / indepth study of the female posterior
Length: OAV, 7 episodes, 30 minutes each
Distributor: Currently licensed by Bandai Entertainment, but also available streaming on Hulu.
Content Rating: 17+ (violence, deaths, nudity, assloads of panties)
Related Series: Najica Blitz Tactics, AIKa R-16: Virgin Mission (OAV), AIKa ZERO (OAV)
Also Recommended: Najica Blitz Tactics, and ... erm ... something by Playboy, I guess
Notes: To our knowledge this title is not distributed in Europe at this time. As the reviewer resides in Norway, this is based off a digital sourcebed copy. Not that it really matters much, as you're about to find out.

Earlier licensed to U.S. Manga, but has since been lost.

Agent Aika


From the cover blurb of the R1 DVD, which I had to include, because I think it tells you more about this title than any review can:

"Now on DVD from U.S. Manga Corps! From the creator of Project A-Ko! She's sexy, suave, and sophisticated, but she's no bimbo. She's a martial arts expert and a jet fighter pilot with the body of a supermodel. She's Aika, and she's one of the best secret agents in the business. Armed with her trusty, semi-sentient super-battle bustier, no risk is too great!"


Well, I've only got myself to blame, I suppose, since I at least partly knew what I was getting myself into.

The worst part is that the very framework this OAV series is built on is actually pretty good. It borrows a LITTLE bit from Waterworld, what with the ocean levels having risen significantly, now covering ever so much more of this world (though not to the extent as in the aforementioned movie.)

Take that, throw in some action scenes, the creepiest set of villains I have ever seen, and heaps upon heaps of panty-clad ass, and you have Agent Aika. It SHOULD probably have been a guilty pleasure, but becomes more of an overdose. EVERY action scene seems to end up with unconscious females lying with their butts poking up into the air. And, of course, the future has miniskirts being the only female-approved attire. This OAV series has more panties than I've ever seen in any anime before, and I've seen only half of it.

The art and animation is actually pretty decent, if nothing else. The VAs do a good job too, though the music was pretty much forgettable. Or perhaps I was just distracted. I dunno. How the dub is, I'm afraid I'll never find out.

Of the four episodes I watched, the plot actually had a concrete ending, meaning that this OAV actually has two story arcs. The plot of the one I've seen was decent enough, even though it featured your creepy evil brother-and-sister team that is a little bit closer than most. >_< Apparently, their plan was to acquire Aika's "super-battle bustier" (excuse me while I wince again) to ... er, grow more powerful I suppose. And what a bustier that is ... When she activates it, something that looks far too much like a gropefest starts, and Aika's physical appearance completely changes. For what reasons, I have no idea. And what does it do? I dunno. Ups her combat skills? Makes her look more naked? Becomes a harbinger of more panties to come? All of the above?

My money's on the latter.

In either case, I really can't recommend you watching this unless you do have a panty or ass fetish. For everyone else, this just becomes too much.

Two stars, because I'm such a nice guy. Besides, I liked the setting when it wasn't obstructed by a female posterior.Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: There's a lot of violence, some deaths (one rather icky one too), nudity, and a neverending supply of ass. All that is a pretty good reason for an "adults only" rating, I should think.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Partial (4/7)
Agent Aika © 1997 Studio Fantasia / Bandai Visual
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