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AKA: Onegai! Twins OAV
Genre: Romantic comedy
Length: OAV, 25 minutes
Distributor: Currently licensed by Right Stuf International.
Content Rating: NC-17 (nudity, adult themes and situations, implied sexual scenes)
Related Series: Please Teacher!, Please Twins!
Also Recommended: His and Her Circumstances, Love Hina, Maison Ikkoku, Please Teacher!, Please Twins!
Notes: This OAV takes place after the events of the TV series.

Please Twins! OAV


Two weeks after the conclusion of the TV series, the cast begin their summer vacation, but Maiku needs to continue working to earn a living for them to continue living in the house. Unfortunately, the girls can't get enough of him, and this forces him to find a way to get away from the chaos. This eventually leads to some summer ... "fun" involving the cast of both Please Teacher and Please Twins, and even a ghost mystery!


But of course, don't take my word for it. I am about as enthusiastic about this as you would be if a TV crew stopped you on the street asking what brand of toilet paper you use. And as it goes for toilet paper, OAVs come in good and bad quality: The good ones are those that build upon what was touched on in the preceding series and make up for what was missing, while the bad ones, like this OAV, remind us *exactly* what we hated about the TV series.

You know, I blame it on this darned obsession with summer and swimsuits. Somebody somewhere probably thought that Please Twins wouldn't be complete without a happy-happy summer special involving all the annoying plot elements of the TV series (which frankly, was the exact same line of reasoning that led to the Mahoromatic Summer Special). In this case, finding out the relationship the girls had with Maiku had absolutely no effect on their behavior, and right from the start we are treated to a recklessly exaggerated reprisal of 75% of the Please Twins series :

"Maiku is mine!"
"No, Maiku is MINE!"
"He's MINE!!! MINE!!! ALL MINE!!!"

Veterans of the TV series are now unconsciously reaching for their war wounds.

It's not just another sorry excuse for the girls to attach themselves to Maiku - it's also a chance for the creators to put the cast of both Please series together, stuff them in swimsuits, and then have them splash around in water. Not only that, the Please! tag also means people get laid. "Fun" summer indeed.

At this point, no one really cares what happens to the two girls anymore, and since it's a single episode, no significant plot or character development happens (unless you consider implied intimate scenes "character development"). So maybe there's some shebang about a ghost (no, not "She Bang" - shebang), but that plot branch finds no resolution, and its ultimate purpose is only to show Morino doing her trademark "M-fu-fu-fu" at the end.

Frankly, extending this review with commentary on the technical aspects of the OAV will waste both my time and yours. It's the same stuff as the TV series, except for super-special Summer Lens Flares and Wet Swimsuit Sparkles.

There is almost nothing here that is worth watching, even by fans of the TV series. People who like Please Twins will hate it, and those who already hate it will now hate it with a passion. There is only one piece of advice that can be given to the Please! Committee : Please Stop.

It gets an extra star from the minimum because ... it's SUMMER! (really, who am I kidding?). Fluff, and annoying summer fluff at that. Enoch Lau

Recommended Audience: As with all Please! [Teacher, Twins, Symbiotic Alien Tentacle] efforts, there's frontal nudity (mostly in the bath) and of course, offscreen sex. It's certainly bolder than the TV series, just like the Please Teacher OAV was. Older teens and up.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Full (1/1)
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