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[Alien from the Darkness box art]
AKA: 淫獣エイリアン (Injuu Alien)
Genre: Horror hentai
Length: OAV, 45 minutes
Distributor: R1 DVD and VHS from Kitty Media
Content Rating: NC-17 (get your lesbian and tentacle rape fix here!)
Related Series: Idol of Darkness, Mission of Darkness
Also Recommended: If I HAVE to recommend something, it would be other horror anime. Take your pick, most anything would be an improvement over this.
Notes: (This serves as a warning to all my friends to keep Hannah away from $2 bargain bins at conventions. No good can come of this.)

Alien from the Darkness is also offered in one of the Best of Kitty dvd collections. If THIS is one of their best ... I feel genuinely sorry for the people who work in that office. We should send them a fruit basket.

Alien from the Darkness


The all-female crew of the Muze spaceship replies to a distress signal from another ship. When they arrive to investigate they find that each and every person aboard the ship has passed away, save for (yet another) attractive female. But there's a catch...she's lost her memory. Can the crew of the Muze find out what sent the Zogone to total annihilation before they befall the same fate? Stay tuned! Or don't. No, really.


Here was a hentai title I'd never heard of before with incredibly lame box-art and it featured a tentacle monster. Of course I was expecting a viewing of Miyazaki-like proportions. Let's break this down, shall we?

The Good: The OK:

It's cliched, it's boring, and it's utterly predictable...but it's there. Yes folks, I'm talking about a story. There is actually some semblance of a coherent plot formed in this little ditty. Not that I was particularly amused, but the effort was appreciated.

I'll own up to having seen my share of adult anime, and probably a bit more, but the artwork at least as far as the women in the show goes is commendable. For once we have some decently-proportioned, honestly appealing characters that don't look like they'll be having back problems in twenty years. Not that any of them are going to live that long to worry about such things anyway.

The Bad:

Truthfully, this feature would have worked much better in multiple episodes instead of a one-shot. They try to introduce too many characters in too short a period and I ended up referring to them by their defining characteristics instead of whatever their names were...the butch one, the strumpet, the kid, and so on (though I do recall there being an appropriately-named Yuri character). But then, why anyone would want to sit through MORE of this stuff, I have no idea.

While we're on the topic of the girls' "personalities", let me mention this. Before writing up my own review I snooped around a few other critiques of Alien and almost all of them praised the individuality of these characters. Well, I'm here to tell you now that's all completely superficial...when it comes down to it each of these girls react in the manner not only extremely typical of your average hentai rapee who lays there mindlessly while being violated and impregnated in this case, but they also fit the mold for your average bad horror story victims to a T. So you get twice the stupidity in one package, lucky you! You know an anime's got it bad when a pet ferret is by far the most intelligent creature on board.

The Ugly:

You read the synopsis, right? Then you already know how the story ends. Alien offers nothing new to the formula whatsoever, so I wouldn't recommend wasting your time. Even if you ARE a masochist, there's some better hentai I can recommend to you in that genre.

The dialogue. I can't recall an anime with more ridiculous-sounding lines. At best they're laughable. "What is this sticky substance? Only the women are covered in it..." But more often than not I was simply smacking my forehead or shaking my head in disbelief.

In short, I paid two bucks for this and I feel like I wasted my money. I should've bought half a slice of pizza instead at Otakon or something.

This sole shining star is dedicated to the fairly attractive character designs and at least a half-assed attempt at a plot. While I'd still say this show is a step above Cool Devices or La Blue Girl, I can't bring myself to dignify it with a second star. — Hannah Stanton

Recommended Audience: I think bored college kids at 3am on a weekday are probably the only people who'fll get a kick out of this one. Unless you too would like to be able to claim you'fve seen an anime where the day is saved by a ferret sinking his teeth into a giant purple penis. OR, if having a lobotomy would improve your IQ, then this anime is for you.

Version(s) Viewed: VHS, Japanese with English subtitles
Review Status: Full (1/1)
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