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[Moonlight Lady box art]
AKA: 顔のない月, Kao no nai Tsuki, Faceless Moon
Genre: Hentai mystery / horror
Length: Movie, 4 episodes, 30 minutes each
Distributor: R1 DVD from Kitty Media
Content Rating: NC-17 (nudity, explicit sex)
Related Series: Touka Gettan (non-hentai TV spinoff)
Also Recommended: Darling, Elven Bride, Buttobi CPU, Mystery of the Necronomicon
Notes: Based on the PC hentai game "Kao no nai Tsuki". (Surprise!)

The story does not seem to end at the fourth episode, but there do not seem to be any more volumes to our knowledge.

According to ANN, the second volume of the game was adapted as the non-adult TV series Touka Getten

Moonlight Lady


Kuraki Suzuna, a priestess (miko) in training, is brought to the home of what appears to be her future husband. However, strange things happens, and suddenly everyone but Suzuna finds themselves possessed and looking for sex. This, of course, is bad news for Suzuna herself, who tries to find out what's going on.


This title has the most impressive art and animation I have ever seen in any hentai anime. The characters are all very well drawn and the settings are, at times, flat out gorgeous. (Like the forest scene at the beginning.) The animation is also, like I mentioned, very well done. Especially at the.. *cough* ... erotic scenes.

Speaking of which, the creator of this OAV seems to have a breast fetish. Not only are most of the female characters rather well endowed, but there's a lot of scenes featuring breasts pressed against things like window glass, backs or other pairs of breasts. There's also a lot of jiggling and ... oh, my. I think we'd better be moving on.

The dub isn't half bad. The script has some cheesy lines put in here and there, and I guess it can be hard to act those out properly. Suzuna's little brother has a hilarious dubbed VA, though. He sounds like he is one inch away from breaking into jive, and was no small source of amusement for me. The music actually works very well given the theme of the show itself, though it does get a little bit repetitive at the longer scenes.

The plot isn't half bad, actually. The story revolves around the mansion and the possessions going on there (which, incidentally, is the source of most of the erotic scenes.) The characters aren't really any more developed than needed to fill their parts in the story (no pun intended.) Sure, there are some things that doesn't make much sense, like Suzuna being sexually assaulted by someone she beats to within an inch of his life in the following scene. Also, the second volume introduces a lot of plot elements, not all of them explained by the end of the fourth episode. And, dammit, I DO want to see how they end this series.

I guess I shouldn't have to remind you that, since this is hentai, there is sex scenes in it. And aside from the breast fetish, there are also some kinks played out here, like spanking..... and oral sex. (Ok, so oral sex isn't really a kink. I just couldn't resist putting in a Monty Python reference here.)

All weirdness aside, this does shape up to be an interesting title if they could get around to actually FINISHING it. And while the things that doesn't make sense (yet) put a damper on the overall experience, the eye candy makes up for it. So yes, it's worth checking out if you want to take the chance of never getting to see the end of it.

Remove one star if you need your stories complete.Stig Høgset

Recommended Audience: Adults only. The explicit sex is pretty much the sole reason for that.

Version(s) Viewed: R1 DVD
Review Status: Full (4/4)
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