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[R2 (Japanese) DVD art(?)]
AKA: Double Wish
Genre: Slice-of-some-loser's-boring-life, sibling love, romance (I guess), dating sim (although nobody in this show is smart enough to date anyone).
Length: Television series, 13 episodes, 12 minutes each
Distributor: Currently Unlicensed In North America
Content Rating: Between G and PG. Unless stupidity is counted. In that case, NC-117.
Related Series: Final Approach
Also Recommended: I'm starting to realize now that if you have to watch a hentai-based serious dating sim, the only one worth a hoot is Kimi ga Nozomu Eien (GOD, how much better that was!). If you're more into romantic comedy, then there's SO MUCH out there that's SO MUCH
Notes: This show was based on a hentai-game of the same title by Princess Soft. The reviewer is currently watching more episodes of this title.



Junna and Senna are two orphaned siblings who are living with this random guy and go to school together. Senna wants to get close with Junna, since he can't remember anything from before the accident. Tear-jerking drama is supposed to ensue, but instead, the stupidest plot in the world is born!


What is this?

I mean seriously, did the creators really think they could pass this off as serious anime? Like any form of entertainment, viewers have to have a reason to watch an anime series for that series to be good. Well, after two episodes of W-Wish, I had found absolutely no reasons to watch it, and quite a few reasons NOT to. It is one of the stupidest, most nonsensical shows I've ever seen.

The main problem is that the characters are laughably horrible. The only consistency I could find in the characterization of our two leads, Senna and Junna, was that they never had any appealing qualities. In fact, I can't even tell which one was worse.

First off, you have Junna, the male lead. He has no enthusiasm or opinion over anything at all (as I discovered in the first five minutes when he goes on about the stupid school festival). The worst thing about his character is that he HATES his sister Senna for NO reason! I mean it, no reason WHATSOEVER! This is supposed to be a heartwarming show about two siblings' love for each other, and every other minute you get Junna calling Senna an idiot, telling her she's wrong, or just completely blowing her off. It makes no sense, and completely puts the entire series to a halt (although it's not the only thing that does, unfortunately). You do get some background into Junna's character, but like everything else in this piece of junk, it doesn't make ANY sense! Some indefinite time in the past, his parents died in a car crash. A car crash that, in a flashback, you actually SEE him escape unharmed from! Now, however many years later, you're supposed to believe that he has amnesia because of it, and can't remember anything before the accident. That's RIDICULOUS! Extreme sorrow over a stressful situation may cloud one's memories of that specific event, but to believe that grief can cause you to forget your ENTIRE LIFE up to a certain point is asking too much! It does not make you feel sorry for Junna; all it does is allow for Senna to be even more annoying than she already is (but we'll get to Senna later...*_*).

A last thing I noticed about Junna's character was that, as much of an unappealing, boring loser that his character is, he still makes random decisions that are inconsistent with his character. A loser that doesn't care about anything and that despises the person he's closest to DOES NOT join a "Helper's Club". In fact, not even Mother Teresa would join this show's "Helper's Club", because it is the STUPIDEST, most RANDOM idea ever come up with, in an anime or otherwise. But Junna just signs right up to start helping people, especially since the idiot who asked him to join (I forget her name), tells him how much he CARES about people, especially his sister. Ummmm...BS!

However, Junna's not the only character here with a problem. His younger sister Senna is one of the dumbest, most annoying anime characters I've ever seen! You know how I said Junna hated her for no reason? Well, I may be wrong, he may have a very good reason for hating her. Maybe her hates her because she's SO DANG ANNOYING! She feels that, because Junna idiotically remembers nothing from his childhood, they should "create memories" by always doing stuff together. That's the stupidest idea I've ever heard of! I mean for goodness' sake, they live together! Why does she insist that they do all this extra stuff together and try to "make memories"?! Also, her constant attempts to be close with Junna lead her to making some VERY wrong advances on him (which get pretty disturbing at times). That just adds an extra lever of stupidity to a show that seems to be powered by stupidity.

So, overall, they characterization in W-Wish is unfathomably horrible. They have Senna trying to get close with Junna for no reason, and they conveniently have Junna constantly pushing her away for no reason! This convenient "tension" between the leads is basically what drives (or is supposed to drive) the entire plot of this dumb show. And for more "plot", they randomly throw in "plot twists", like when the siblings' school tries to make them move into a dorm for no apparent reason (Did you know they have dorms in Middle School these days? I sure didn't!). This all makes for a plot that is not only stupid, but also immensely boring. Oh, and when it came to the supporting characters, there wasn't a single one I didn't hate the guts of by the end of episode two, and that's really, really bad.

On the technical side of things, W-Wish was not as bad, but certainly wasn't outstanding either. The animation is pretty dull, with boring, cliche character designs and simple backgrounds. The music was the best part of this show, but that's not saying much. Some of the tunes were a little catchy (I guess), and the OP and ED were actually pretty good. However, I'm not reviewing the soundtrack, I'm reviewing the anime (if this show even deserves to be called anime), and decent music will not help this one's rating at all!

So that's where I stand on W-Wish by the end of episode two. Now granted, based on the OP, there appear to be some characters that have not been introduced yet, but I feel it's safe to say the best they could do to this anime is turn it into a date-of-the-week or harem show (which is not much better then the idiotic attempt at "sibling fellowship" they're feeding us in these first episodes). Also, unless all those dumb characters and that dumb school are nuked in the next episode, I don't really feel like watching any more.

W-Wish is just B-Bad, don't watch it.Connor

Recommended Audience: Because of lack of any violence, language, sex, or even fanservice (for the most part), I would say this is appropriate for children. But then I remember children are urged not to drink because it kills brain cells, and I think the same thing applies here.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Partial (2/13)
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