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Genre: Action / harem / romance
Length: OAV series, 4 episodes, 25 minutes each
Distributor: Currently unlicensed in North America
Content Rating: PG-13 (violence, language)
Related Series: Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha, Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha A's, Triangle Hearts~Sazanami Joshi Ryo~
Also Recommended: Just about anything. Hell, I would watch Wedding Peach before watching this drivel. But then again, I can actually tolerate Wedding Peach. Yes. I am that strong.
Notes: Based on a computer game by ivory.

Triangle Hearts ~Sweet Songs Forever~


Threatening letters keep arriving at British Christella Music Academy, threatening musical superstar and academy headmistress Fiasse Christella to give the whereabouts of her family inheritance, or disaster will befall her and her students during their international charity concert.

Insisting that the concert must go on, Fiasse asks her childhood friends, siblings Kyoya and Miyuki Takamachi to help her bodyguard (also a childhood friend) Ellis McGaren protect her. Ellis meets the assistance with a cold shoulder, mainly stemming from an incident that occurred when they were all children, centered around Fiasse's father, senator Albert Christella.

What do the threats mean? What is Fiasse's inheritance? Will Ellis ever work together with Kyoya and Miyuki?


They actually had a spin-off TV series of this? Two seasons?! How?!

This review will be drastically shorter than my other reviews, mostly due to lack of content. Really. This is just another example of a computer game trying to cash in on more of its popularity with the disposable income of the otaku fanbase in Akihabara who still live with their parents.

But aside from that. What made me download this? Simply the desire to view something that I could review that no one else has. But I have tried that before only to give up halfway because the shows were just too much a waste of time.

So what kept me through this one? I am ashamed to admit ... it was my favorite seiyuu, Hikaru Midorikawa (dubbed "Mister Nasal" by my darling editor and editor-ess). Yes, for even the anime elitist snobs such as myself, some seiyuu still have selling power, and this is a part of my extinct otaku-dom that just refuses to die.

But even his darling chords (*swoon!*) fail to save this flat OVA series with cookie-cutter dating SIM character designs, uninspired, stale characters (all female except one -- yawn ... even if it is Hikaru voicing him, it isn't enough), and a very sloppy, loosely tied plotline that fails to pull together even the not-so-subtle hints of past drama into the hashed-out conclusion at the end of the fourth episode. Not to mention the "deep conversation" between Ellis and Kyoya at the end about "past love" is forced and out-of-place. Obviously I am missing something from the video game.

And does anyone really care if Fiasse gets whacked? I mean, what is she other than a blonde-haired, blue-eyed "British" chick? And why are all the Brits blonde? I recall most blondes coming from more Scandanavian parts. Man. This OVA just reeks of bad anime cliches ... Not to mention the characters (all supposedly in their 20s?) look young enough to be part of one of these "loli" animes ... agh, why did I even subject myself to this? Consider it a THEM Anime rite of passage.

And the villains. Last time I checked, for most of this show's audience, being obsessed and "mo-e" over someone young-looking enough to be my daughter was a requirement, so what makes this guy so icky creepy bad? Oh. Right. He wants to kill her if she doesn't marry him. That is weird, isn't it? (See Cool Devi--on second thought, scratch that. Just take my word for it.) The villains are just psycho. Now sometimes that can be refreshing, when so many animes try so hard to create a sympathetic villain, sometimes you just want a baddie that is just, well, bad. Simple enough, right? Or is that just too Americanized a concept? I digress. The cynic is getting the best of me, so perhaps I should end this review before I cause more otaku souls to cry out in anguish.

This is utter crap, exemplified. Just further proof that even adult anime can have quality, compared to the majority of what is being dished out these days.

Now excuse me, I need to nurse myself on some Princess Tutu or Maison Ikkoku. My soul is hurting.

Sorry Hikaru. Even you have your stinkers. This is undoubtedly one of them. Add a star if you absolutely must see everything with KOTOKO music. *rolls eyes* Melissa Sternenberg

Recommended Audience: Otaku only. The villians are too creepy (and too similar to real-life pedophiles and serial rapists for my liking) to be appropriate for anything below the age of 16. Though I wouldn't wish this crap on even the lamest of anime fans.

Version(s) Viewed: digital source
Review Status: Full (4/4)
Triangle Hearts ~Sweet Songs Forever~ © 2003 ivory, JANIS, King Records
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