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April 27 2015, 7:45 AM

"Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft. This is Captain Yuri of the Earth Unit in Deep Space."

Granted, Carlos's show of the week has preciously little to do with space. He chimes in with his second opinion of YuruYuri Season 2, which earns itself one twirl, a lick, a grab, a grope and two snaps in the air. And possibly three stars, I dunno.

Meanwhile, Tim and I undertake a show that's pretty short on yuri but at least somewhat to do with space. Not that it matters, because Captain Earth could've had all the twirls, licks, grabs and whatnot in the world, and it still wouldn't help. It's a frustrating, nonsensical shounen that wants to pretend it's a space opera. It's just... not good. Not good at all.

Well, at least Carlos had some fun. Next week, though, we'll have something even better. Don't go away now.

-Stig Høgset.

April 20 2015, 10:18 AM

Which would you rather have; a parasite in your hand or the chance to play "52 pick up" with cards that have the ability to lead you on a wild goose chase?

Because Nick sat down and watched Parasyte -the Maxim-, and found it a bit middling. Starts out well, then kind of loses itself as it goes along. It's a shame too, because it introduces maybe one of the most charmingly goofy pseudo-antagonist-protagonists in any anime I've ever seen; namely Migi the parasite.

Now, last week, I mentioned that I had a review for a show this week that finally has a review in full. That show is Cardcaptor Sakura, which I had the chance to see some time ago, and both earlier reviews about it are very much right; it's an absolutely wonderful show that everyone should watch, slight awkwardness about it or not. The price tag might give some of you pause, but it's so worth it.

The same can not be said for next week's show, which will constitute a bit of a tag team takedown on our part. See you all then.

-Stig Høgset.

April 13 2015, 9:54 AM


Allen didn't much have a particularly good time with Isuca. Its creator turned out to be the kind of person who found almost stereotypically angry female leads appealing somehow as the primary choice in an otherwise tiresome harem hodgepodge of tropes, as well worn as a pair of slippers someone poured a bucket full of nails and thumbtacks into.

It goes without saying that I had a much better time with Kantai Collection, an oddity of a show made for people who complained that Strike Witches weren't naval enough. (They do exist, right?) Anyway, the show is based on an internet browser strategy game, a franchise that has earned an astounding level of popularity, apparently. Much like with Strike Witches, I did wish the show would've been a bit more daring with its contents and such, but it was certainly popular enough to gain a second season before the first one was done. Will I be watching that when it appears? Yep, I most certainly will.

And that's that. Next week will see another review for a newer show, as well as a look back at an older show that will finally get a full review. See you then.

-Stig Høgset.

April 6 2015, 5:25 PM

The dawn.... OF DEATH!

And billiards. See, Nick found himself a show called Death Billiards, which apparently works like the Thunderdome of billiards, except with more class and less Mel Gibson hunting for gas. And he liked it.

Which means we got two for two this week, because I watched Yona of the Dawn myself, a damn good fantasy epic... if it'll be allowed to become one. This is more like a first season/introduction thing as shows go, and needless to say, I want more. And so should you.

Next week won't be quite as much fun, but I can at least promise you that one of the shows we review will be watchable if nothing else. See you then.

-Stig Høgset.

March 30 2015, 5:41 PM

You and Me and Vito advice you not to go against family.

That's two references (one a bit obscure) for the price of one. I thought that would go well with the fact that we've got two reviews for you this time around. We've been quite busy people these last few weeks.

First off is Allen, who watches You and Me, a show about a bunch of high school boys, and wouldn't you know it; it's a real winner.

Nick, however, is vastly less pleased with Nisekoi, the harem to end all harems, or so one should hope. Or maybe not, as even harem shows have seen some quality releases as of late. But this one is not it.

Next week, we will definitely be back, and with another double deal... as well as another curious divergence in material quality. Must be something in the water. See you later.

-Stig Høgset.

March 23 2015, 11:26 AM

Terminally Dandy.

Allen starts off this week with Looking Up at the Half Moon, a tale about idiots in love if the description is anything to go by.

Meanwhile, Nick has some problems trying to peg Space Dandy as anything in particular, before settling on "weird-ass 50's experimental space opera" (not his exact words.) He's apparently (mostly) quite happy with it.

Well, see you again next week. Stay healthy and do not under any circumstance piss off the nurse.

-Stig Høgset.

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