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[Shrine of the Morning Mist box art]
AKA: 朝霧の巫女 (Asagiri no Miko), Priestesses of the Morning Mist
Genre: Fantasy / horror / slice-of-life comedy
Length: Television series, 26 episodes, 12 minutes each
Distributor: R1 DVD from Media Blasters / Anime Works
Content Rating: 13+ (fantasy violence, mild innuendo)
Related Series: N/A
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Notes: Based on the manga by Ukawa Hiroki originally serialized in Young King Ours.

Shrine of the Morning Mist


Tadahiro is an unusual young man with two different colored eyes. Ever since he was young, he has been threatened by unusual and sometimes demonic forces. As he returns to his hometown, he is attacked by a mysterious man in a tengu mask who claims to want his hidden power but is saved by three sisters who happen to be Shinto priestesses and for that matter his cousins. As it is obvious that dark forces are going to target Tadahiro, the sisters begin to organize a defense around him and recruit several other girls from the school to assist in the defense.


This show, while entertaining, is suffering from a severe identity crisis. While there certainly is nothing wrong with mixing drama, action, and comedy (many great shows do), this show doesn

A somewhat muddled mix of comedy and fantasy horror. If they had chosen to focus their tone and plot a bit more (particularly on the comedy aspects), I have a feeling this would have been a lot more entertaining overall. With that said, it still was an entertaining enough show. It is a bit difficult to talk about adding or subtracting stars since the show changes so abruptly in style and tone constantly, though I will note if you are a big Hayashibara Megumi fan, she does get a somewhat prominent (though not leading role), in this. Jeremy A Beard

Recommended Audience: This show contains a lot of fantasy battles, but most of the violence is rather bloodless for the most part. There are a few on running silly jokes about certain people being mistaken for homosexuals that maybe might concern some people, but it really isn't anything too serious. In general, the show should be safe for teens and above.

Version(s) Viewed: Prerelease fansub
Review Status: Full (26/26)
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