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AKA: Superior Defender Gundam Force
Genre: Chibi mecha monstrosity
Length: Television series, 52 episodes, 24 minutes each
Distributor: Licensed by Bandai
Content Rating: G (This would only be given a higher rating if BOREDOM were considered objectionable content)
Related Series: Mobile Suit Gundam, SD Gundam
Also Recommended: Mobile Suit Gundam (any Gundam series EXCEPT this one)
Notes: Based loosely on the universe of Mobile Suit Gundam (but really more on the Gundams as toys). Not related directly to the late 80s-early 90s SD Gundam specials.

SD Gundam Force


A hideous mutation of the GP-01 finds a boy who can activate his special attack, and they proceed to fight against chibi Zaku(s) from another dimension, gathering an occasional (hideous) ally along the way.


I really wish I had a flail with nails in it. I could either whip this wretched excuse for a Gundam series, or whip myself while walking around the town square crying for this plague to be lifted from humanity.

SD Gundam Force has awful pacing. The inane activities the characters perform when not fighting make War In The Pocket look action-packed; there is next to no character development; apparently the creators decided to go with the "Let's add useless lessons about teamwork!" route; and it doesn't work here twice as much as it never worked before. The action scenes are far too brief, and look as if they were choreographed by a six-year-old Power Ranger fan on a sugar high attempting to get an epileptic seizure.

The music is as pathetic as the rest of the show, with only one tune vaguely recollectable, and that's only because I thought it sounded like a rip-off of something else(I think it was one of those dramatic semi-orchestral pieces). Also the majority of the rest is far too happy-sounding, even during the battles.

Plot? What plot? If Zaku(s) invading other dimensions SO THAT THEY CAN TURN THEM INTO CONCRETE (I kid you not) is a plot, then I could easily succeed as a writer, since I can formulate an evil plan to destroy the Earth while armed only with cheese, in just a few minutes. Also included are mystical Griffon and Furby Dragon armors that live in a pit where magic flower shields won't work, and good guy turned badguy samurai with hindu arms. Need I explain further how stupid the plot is? I thought not.

Visually, it's awkward, with the occasional "anime blur of a spinning weapon" being replaced by "Cel-shaded WHEEL with SFX masquerading as a weapon". The cel-shading was not a very good choice for the animation style, since, while the MS

I give this star only to the Chibi Zaku and GMs. The rest of this show should be cast into the deepest, darkest part of the ocean, preferably somewhere near France. Samuel Arbogast

Recommended Audience: There is no objectionable material except perhaps the mayor being very well endowed (I don't personally find it objectionable, just anatomically hazardous), and thus I give it a 6+ rating (old enough to get a sugar high and direct the combat, after all).

Version(s) Viewed: Broadcast airing, English dub
Review Status: Partial (20/52)
SD Gundam Force © 2003 Sotsu Agency / Sunrise / TX