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September 13, 2004

Guess what. Your editor has gone back to school.

After four years of working at a corporate desk job, it was time to head back to ASU and finish what I started back in 1997 -- get that BA and (hopefully) find a *real* job.

It's pretty amusing coming back as a "reentry" student (reentry, of course, being a euphemist for "ex-dropout"). I'm 25. The average age of my classmates is something like 18 point 2. So here I am talking about movies, like Real Genius, that came out before they were born, or at best, when they were toddlers. I mean, think about it. I remember when Val Kilmer was COOL, and this apparently makes me "old".

Oh, hell. I remember when Top Gun was in the movie theaters. Half my classmates HAVE NEVER SEEN THAT MOVIE! (Aiee!!!)

And since I am certifiably insane, I am majoring in Japanese. (You can laugh now.) This means, of course, that I get to hear about all my classmates talk about yaoi and make jokes about Gackt.

Okay, that's maybe not so bad, since the most egregious fanboys and fangirls get weeded out in the first two weeks of 101 when they are struck by the realization that knowing the words "baka" and "kawaii" is not going to help them succeed in learning one thousand nine hundred forty-five kanji. (Gram-mar? What is this gram-mar you speak of?)

And, um, actually, all the Gackt jokes are mine, but that's beside the point. Honest.

Seriously though, I am glad to be back in school and getting this thing done at long last. No more sabbaticals -- the next time I cease to be an ASU student, it will be because I have my diploma in hand and a really silly looking hat on my head.


- Carlos/Giancarla Ross

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