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Anime Review Sites

  • Akemi's Anime World
    A goodly number of reviews here. Generally, if this site says an anime is bad, believe them.

  • Anime Cafe
    A sister site to THEM Anime, we collaborated in the past on the THEM-Anime Cafe Awards. Based in Canada.

  • Anime Jump!
    An often humorous, brutally honest review site ... which also pokes fun at the detritus of anime fandom, including the hilarious Bootleg Toys segment. Sadly, the site has not been updated since 2006, and probably will never see another one. Thankfully, the owner Mike Toole has promised to keep the site up, so more readers can discover their rich archives.

  • Anime Review, The
    Updated weekly, this reliable site focuses on a variety of series, many of which are less well-known than usual.

  • Anime Secrets
    A community review site whose members have teamed up with THEM to run the anime review panels at FanimeCon 2004.

  • Animetric
    A wide-ranging review site, handled primarily by a single reviewer. Based in Singapore.

  • Grumpy Jii-san's Journal
    A blog/review site starring one of the oldest anime fans around, who combines his video reviews with hiking trips around Arizona, and whose tagline is "Old men can watch cartoons, too". He's a fellow fan/friend of The Anime Review's Jason Huff (whose page can also be found here), and his site is always worth taking a look at. He hasn't updated it in years, though.

  • Meta Anime Review Project
    A beta project hosted at the Anime Critic, which is essentially the Rotten Tomatoes of anime: an index of the average score of anime reviews from an assortment of the larger, more established sites on the Internet.

  • The Fandom Post
    Veteran anime critic Chris Beveridge's site for reviews on currently airing anime, new DVD/Blu Ray releases, and the latest news.

Anime Information Sites

  • Anime
    This site provides chords, tabs, and notations for anime songs. Run by THEM Anime's Enoch Lau.

  • Anime
    Lyrics to thousands of anime, video game, and J-pop songs.

  • Anime News Network
    Features daily news updates and a slew of reviews of anime and manga, as well as podcasts and special features we consider well worth reading. Also hosts the ANN Encyclopedia, easily the largest and most in-depth English-language database of anime-related information on the internet.

  • AnimeNfo
    A community review website whose content is user-submitted and not subject to editorial control. A fair place to check up on anime and manga information but contains inaccurate inputs at times. Caveat emptor.

  • Life Otaku
    Reviews and news on the anime scene.

    An information-rich website, primarily dealing with the works of Studio Ghibli, as well as discussion of the directors Miyazaki and Takahata.

Anime Distributors

  • ADV Films
    An anime distributor responsible for titles such as " Azumanga Daioh", "Kaleido Star", and "Chrono Crusade".

  • AN Entertainment

  • AnimEigo
    One of the "old-school" distributor of anime with titles like "Urusei Yatsura" and "You're Under Arrest!" that has stepped down in their involvement with the anime industry a while back.

  • Bandai Entertainment (USA)
    Currently a major powerhouse among anime distributors with current, recent licenses such as "Gurren Lagann", "Code Geass", "Lucky Star", "The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi" and so forth. Previous major distributions include certain "Gundam" series/movies as well as "Ghost in the Shell" and so forth.

  • FUNimation
    Distributor of anime such as "Gunslinger Girl", "Fruits Basket", and "School Rumble". It has grown tremendously in the recent years and has risen to the top as a major distributor in the anime industry.

  • Image Entertainment

  • Manga Entertainment
    Anime distributor of titles such as "Noein: To Your Other Self" and "Ghost in the Shell (1996)".

  • Media Blasters
    Including subsidiary Anime Works.

  • Nozomi Entertainment
    A newly established and promising anime distributor of Rightstuf with recent licenses such as "Emma: A Victorian Romance", "Aria The Animation", "Maria Watches Over Us Season" and so forth. Future releases of these above mentioned anime will be unlike other distributors and released in complete sets instead of individual volumes.

  • TokyoPop
    A manga and anime (though limited) distributor. Some published manga titles include "Fruits Basket" and "Welcome to the NHK" along with a few selected anime titles such as "Vampire Princess Miyu" and "Samurai Girl: Real Bout High School".

  • Urban Vision

  • Viz Media
    An anime and manga distributor of titles such as "Inuyasha" and "Death Note".

Anime Creators

  • Gainax
    Creators of "Neon Genesis Evangelion" and other earlier works such as "Gunbuster" and "Otaku no Video". If you don't know who these people are, you haven't been watching enough anime.

Anime Humor Sites

  • Food Court, The
    While no longer updated regularly, this humor site involves bored anime fans, Photoshop, and the probable consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

  • Laws of Anime Physics
    Really, anime does have its own set of physics. Here's the proof. (Pay close attention to Law #37: the author for that one may seem rather familiar to THEM regulars!)

Miscellaneous Links

  • Deep Discount
    Another site to purchase anime and anime related merchandise. The site holds two, 20% sale each year during Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

  • DVD Pacific
    Primarily an anime and dvd site where members get a huge cut in purchase price.

  • HobbyLink Japan (HLJ)
    One of the best places to purchase anime merchandise such as PVCs, figures, collectibles, mugs, and anything you didn't imagine existing.

  • J-Box
    Much like HobbyLink Japan, it has a range of merchandise from magazines to R2 DVDs and beyond.

  • Nippon Export
    An anime and anime related site where R2 (Japanese region) DVDs can be purchased. Other merchandise include Japanese manga, OSTs (both anime and non), specialty items and etc.

  • Right Stuf
    A great place for anime and anime related purchases. Frequent deals on major/minor titles from a number of anime and manga distributors.

THEM-Related Websites

  • Arizona State University
    The home base for THEM. One of the university servers was actually the location of this site for many years.

  • THEM Online
    THEM, the SF/F social organization serving Arizona State University since 1993. The original patron of this website.

Anime Conventions

  • A-Kon
    An anime convention located in Dallas, Texas at The Sheraton Hotel near the end of May. Dates of event varies annually.

  • Anime Boston
    An anime convention located in Boston, Massachusetts at the Hynes Convention Center Boston Marriot Copley Place around the end of March. Dates of event could vary annually.

  • Anime Central (ACen)
    The biggest anime convention of the mid-west which takes place at Hyatt Regency O'Hare and the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center in Rosemont, Illinois near the end of May (though the date varies annually).

  • Anime Expo (AX)
    The biggest anime convention in the United States located in Los Angeles, California at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Convention this year (2008) is held from July 3rd through the 6th, though dates could vary annually.

  • Anime Iowa
    An anime convention that is currently held in Corallville, Iowa. Takes place mid-August (August 15th through the 17th), though dates of event vary annually.

  • AniZona
    The first annual anime convention for the state of Arizona, running for its third year in 2007.

  • FanimeCon
    The largest anime convention of North California. Its current place is at the San Jose McEnergy Convention Center. Event is held near the end of May, though it varies each year.

  • Otakon
    A major East coast anime convention located in Baltimore, Maryland at the Baltimore Convention Center this year from August 8th through the 10th, though dates vary annually.

  • Phoenix Cactus Comicon
    The largest anime-related (though not anime-specific) convention in the state of Arizona.

  • SabotenCon
    Anime spinoff of Phoenix Cactus Comicon, begun 2008.

  • Sakura-Con
    Another major West coast anime convention located in Seattle, Washington at the Washington State Convention and Trade Center in the middle of April, though dates vary annually.

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