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Tim Jones

THEM Message Board Name: Morning Blue

Hometown: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Tim first came upon THEM Anime when browsing through search engines on the Internet back in 2001. He joined the site's second forum a month after its opening in January 2003, and became a reviewer/moderator nine months later after submitting several reviews to the site.

Tim's first exposure to anime was in 1996, when he watched some VHS tapes of Astro Boy when he was sick from school. A few months after he watched Samurai Pizza Cats until it was canceled. In 1999 he saw Princess Mononoke at a movie theater, which was his first exposure to "real" anime, as well as his first exposure to Hayao Miyazaki. The year after Tim start watching anime more than ever before, and the rest is history.

In addition to his reviewing duties, Tim was also formerlu in charge of the review schedule. He is also a Temple University alumnus, having graduated with a degree in Marketing.

Tim is the newest member of THEM's Editorial Junta.

Status: [ACTIVE]

Favorite Anime: Aria, Cowboy Bebop, Galaxy Angel, Great Teacher Onizuka, Haibane Renmei, Kiki's Delivery Service
Least Favorite Anime: Kono Aozora ni Yakusoku wo, Dragon Crisis!, Galaxy Angel Rune, The Pilot's Love Song
Favorite Genres: Action, fantasy, sci-fi, slice-of-life, parody (varies)
Least Favorite Genres: Mecha, drama, magical girl parodies, shonen action

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